We are nvironmentalists

We take pride in our extensive expertise and professional experience in the study and management of bird fauna — the most important and well-studied international quality indicator of the natural environment.


nvisionist’s philosophy is the implementation of integrated and innovative biodiversity conservation programs, through the maximum possible utilization of the network of collaborating scientists, but also the possibilities offered by modern technology.

nvisionist’s ecological consultancy team is very experienced and well organized, focusing on the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

The team is active in a variety of fields related to the study and protection of nature and biodiversity, extending from the implementation of conservation actions for the improvement of protected species state within or outside Natura 2000 network sites, in the framework of large conservation projects such as the European LIFE projects, the preparation of management plans for protected areas and the implementation of biodiversity monitoring projects in protected areas, to the elaboration of Appropriate Assessments for the environmental licensing of small and major infrastructure.

nvisionist has experience in designing, coordinating and implementing large environmental programs. Specifically, nvisionist:

  • Prepares studies for the management of bird fauna.
  • Supports in the preparation of annual environmental terms fulfilment as part of the evaluation of the Environmental Terms.
  • Carries out ornithological research and conducts environmental studies for Natura 2000 sites.
  • Protects flying fauna in the context of wind energy development and takes measures to mitigate the impact of wind farms on biodiversity.
  • Carries out integrated environmental monitoring plans, which include monitoring the populations and distribution of the bird species found in the project area with emphasis to priority diurnal and nocturnal raptors as well as care for injured birds and an extensive carcass searching.
  • Plans, coordinates and implements programs for the protection of biodiversity and nature management. Has modern equipment for monitoring and recording the presence and movement of birds (habitat mapping).
  • Has ornithological radars with the ability to scan the airspace, to record the flying fauna that passes through the area, the height at which they move and the corridors that follow at a distance of more than 2 kilometres.

nvisionist’s ecological consultancy team is very experienced and well organized, focusing on the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

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