Impact BITE Awards 2021


nvisionist and the innovative nvbird®️ bird detection & monitoring system have  been awarded in three major categories at the annual Impact BITE Awards  2021.

nvisionist and the innovative nvbird®️ bird detection & monitoring system have  been awarded in three major categories at the annual Impact BITE Awards 2021. In the 10th anniversary of Impact BITE Awards 2021, which took place on Monday  27 of September, nvisionist and nvbird®️ were among the big winners, as they  were distinguished with 1 Platinum and 2 Gold awards in the following  categories: 

  • Platinum Award 

nvisionist and nvbird®️ – Bird Detection & Monitoring System, have been  awarded as the project that received the highest overall rating from the judges. 

  • Gold Award 

In the Section 2- “Specialized industry applications”, nvisionist and nvbird – Bird  Detection & Monitoring System have received the top award in the field of  “Energy”. 

  • Gold Award 

In Section 3-“New Technology Trends in applications and services”, nvisionist  and nvbird – Bird Detection & Monitoring System were honored with the top  award in the “Artificial Intelligence” category. 

The triple distinction of nvisionist and nvbird, is a strong confirmation that our digital & technology solutions can compete at global level and create added  business value in the field of Energy and Environment.

The awards were received by Mr Tassos Alefantos and Mr Vassilis Orfanos

“Today’s awards belong to the whole family of nvisionist. It is a great honor and  we are grateful, that our effort and perseverance have been recognized. nvbird  is the result of intensive research and deep know-how in ICT; more importantly  is the result of continuous effort to understand and address the business needs and strategy of wind energy players” noted Mr. Tassos Alefantos, CEO of  nvisionist. The Special Adviser, Mr. Vassilis Orfanos, among other things noted  that “… As a Spanish poet says, “Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by  walking”. This is how we have learned to work at nvisionist, innovating on a  global scale, and creating high added value for all. This is the philosophy on  which we will continue working. “ 

nvbird®️ is a pioneering, integrated solution that is at the forefront of global  technology with application in Wind Energy and with significant benefits for  the environment. 

It is installed in wind farms for bird monitoring and incorporates state-of-the-art  hardware, software as well as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  platforms. It is based on a unique algorithms to detect and recognizes with  unprecedented accuracy birds that fly dangerously near the wind turbines,  analyzes their flight path, activates speakers with special sounds to deter them  and in case they do not fly away it stops the wind turbine to allow a safe passage  for the birds . 

nvisionist is an innovative high-tech start-up that specializes in applied digital  technology solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning.  Nvisionist S.A. designs, creates, and offers innovative solutions and services  for the renewable energy sector that benefit organisations, communities and  the environment and contribute to the quality of life and conservation of  resources. 

nvisionist is a member of ELETAEN (Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind  Energy), a member of Wind Europe, as well as a member of SEPE (Association of  Information Technology & Communications of Greece).

photo 1: (from left to right) Tassos Alefantos, CEO of nvisionist, Vassilis Orfanos, Special Adviser. – PLATINUM Award as the project that received the highest overall rating from the  judges.


photo 2: Vassilis Orfanos, Special Adviser – Section 2- “Specialized industry applications”, 
Gold Award in the field of “Energy”.


photo 3: Tassos Alefantos, CEO of nvisionist – Section 3-“New Technology Trends in  applications and services”, Gold Award in the “Artificial Intelligence” category





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