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We designed and developed nvbird – an innovative bird detection & monitoring system that prevents protected birds from wind turbines. Our system has been internationally awarded and distinguished for its first class use of ICT.

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nvisionist’s new product, nvbird®️- offshore is a unique & innovative product designed especially for offshore Wind Turbine Generators, adding value to the wind energy by almost eliminating the erroneous shutdown of offshore wind turbines, maximizing their productivity, while safeguarding protected birds from colliding with wind turbines’ blades. 

nvbird®️ is a pioneering, integrated solution with application in Wind Energy and with significant benefits for the environment. It is at the forefront of global technology by using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies while at the same time incorporating the latest hardware, software as well as business intelligence platforms. 

It is based on a unique algorithm allowing the system to detect and recognize with unprecedented accuracy birds that fly dangerously near the wind turbines, analyzes their flight trajectory, activates slow clown mode, activates OPC and speakers with ASR sounds in case they do not fly away it stops the wind turbine until the birds are safe.

nvbird®️ offshore has been developed with state of the art technologies. It is based on a powerful machine learning algorithm which in collaboration with the latest cameras and radars that can:

  • recognize the protected birds

  • analyse their flight path

  •  deter them with special sounds in order to make them change their flight direction

  • And if this does not happen, to stop the wind generator until the birds fly away.


Watch our explanation video to see how the system works.

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3D Radars are installed  on the perimeter of the wind park covering the surrounding area for distances up to 10km. In case of a flock of birds approaching, the flight trajectory is recorded by the 3D Radar. 



In case the flock is in collision route (direction and height data) with the wind turbines the system sends an automatic command via the OPC of the wind farm to slowdown the rotor speed of those wind turbines in the route of the flock. 



The cameras record the birds as they approach further and artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are applied in order categorize them in critical or not critical species according to the environmental impact assessment of the wind park. When the identified birds belong to the critical species and enter the critical zone, a sound is enabled to the direction of the birds in order to deter them.



In case the birds remain in the critical zone or further approaching the RSA (Rotor Swept Area) the system sends a direct signal to stop those Wind Turbines in the direction of the flight.

Extra Benefits – Additional Features

  • maximize WTG availability and production
  • minimize False Positive detections
  • geofencing 
  • noise pollution at a minimum (optional) 
  • 3600 nacelle speaker, no need for 2nd , 3rd row of speakers
  • no masking
  • all-weather operation is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • extreme weather, durable and time proof base
  • strobe lights
  • CCTV
  • complete platform & advanced reporting
  • system – health monitoring 
  • flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • combination of radar & camera for accurate position identification



We see. We think. We act.

We see through high end technology optic sensors.

We think through AI and machine learning algorithms.

We act through speakers or direclty by interfering with wind turbine’s SCADA to shut it down when needed.

The nvbird system has been awarded and distincted internationally for innovation and first class use of ICT. It is continuously updated and improved in both its hardware and software components in order to improve its accuracy and reliability.

Our nvbird projects

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