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We designed and developed nvbird – an innovative bird detection & monitoring system that prevents protected birds from wind turbines. Our system has been internationally awarded and distinguished for its first class use of ICT.


We have developed nvbird, an innovative bird detection & monitoring system which prevents collisions of birds on wind turbine blades.
nvbird has been developed with state of the art technologies. It is based on a powerful machine learning algorithm which in collaboration with the latest cameras and powerful computers can:

  • recognize the protected birds
  • analyze their flight path
  • deter them with special sounds in order to make them change their flight direction
  • And if this does not happen, to stop the wind generator until the birds fly away.

So the nvbird

  • is the 1st winner WITSA 2021 Global ICT Excellence Award
  • almost eliminates the probability of rare/protected birds to collide on the wind generators
  • keeps noise pollution and environmental impact to a minimum
  • does not strain the generators with unnecessary shutdowns that cause extreme loads

And of course increases the wind park productivity to the maximum.

Development of this innovative product, consists of the most advanced technological form of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is offered with a friendly interface and provides statistical tools and repots to the user.

Watch our explanation video to see how the system works.

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The system is installed on each Wind Turbine Generator and covers its surrounding area for distances up to 1km. In case of a bird approaching, the flight trajectory is recorded by HD cameras.

Accuracy 97,3%

Gyps fulvus
false positive detections 2.7% 
(20 out of 740 detections) – airplanes, artifacts



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are applied to identify the bird and categorize it according to the environmental impact assessment of the wind park.

Accuracy 97,3%

Gyps fulvus
false positive detections 2.7% 
(20 out of 740 detections) – airplanes, artifacts



If the identified bird belongs to the critical species and enters the critical zone, an ASR sound is enabled to the direction of the flight to deter the bird. 



In case the bird remains in the critical zone and further approaches the RSA (Rotor Swept Area) the system sends a signal to the SCADA to stop the wind turbine generator.

Extra Benefits – Additional Features

Masking is the process where you create a designated area in the view settings of the camera that will prevent motion detection from being activated.

The nvbird  solution, instead of using masking for hiding moving objects other than birds and thus hiding a considerable part of the camera image, uses our advanced Machine Learning algorithm to distinguish birds from clouds, turbine blades, animals etc.

As a result we eliminate false positives caused from anything else than birds to a minimum and at the same time we get a full clear image of the field of view.

Our nvbird system, through Machine Vision Technology, offers accurate bird recognition and classification by extracting useful information about the bird from its image or image dataset. nvbird system uses Artificial Intelligence combining image-processing and pattern-recognition techniques.

The major tasks performed by the  nvbird system, can be grouped into three processes: image acquisition, processing or analysis, and recognition. Final decisions are made using different image-processing algorithms and pattern-recognition techniques, respectively.

Smart development with the aid of specialized ornithologists teams for the accurate annotation and recognition of bird species.

Our nvbird system technology is easily adapted to any species through the Machine Vision algorithms and by collecting a suitable library of images of the target species. 

As more data are collected, the classification algorithms are updated with improved results.

See a few of the species we are currently protecting through nvbird system below:

  • maximize WTG availability and production
  • minimize False Positive detections
  • onshore – offshore
  • bat detection
  • geofencing 
  • noise pollution at a minimum 
  • 3600 nacelle speaker, no need for 2nd , 3rd row of speakers
  • no masking
  • all-weather operation is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • extreme weather, durable and time proof base
  • strobe lights
  • CCTV
  • complete platform & advanced reporting
  • system – health monitoring 
  • flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA) 
  • combination of radar & camera for accurate position identification


We see. We think. We act.

We see through high end technology optic sensors.

We think through AI and machine learning algorithms.

We act through speakers or direclty by interfering with wind turbine’s SCADA to shut it down when needed.

The nvbird system has been awarded and distincted internationally for innovation and first class use of ICT. It is continuously updated and improved in both its hardware and software components in order to improve its accuracy and reliability.

Our nvbird projects

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