nvisionist at the Wind Europe Technology Workshop 2024 for the 4th Consecutive Year

The internationally awarded start-up continues to represent innovation at major international events, enhancing its global presence.

nvisionist will once again have a strong presence at a major event for global wind energy, the Wind Europe Technology Workshop 2024. The internationally recognized start-up will showcase its multi-award-winning innovative product, nvbird®️, along with all its new digital applications and solutions, in Dublin on June 10 and 11, as a sponsor of the event and as the only solution for protecting birds from collisions with wind turbines.

The Wind Europe Technology Workshop is one of the premier technology events, presenting the most significant achievements and technological developments in the field of wind energy worldwide each year. This year’s Technology Workshop 2024 will focus on two critical areas: how to address new industry challenges such as rising raw material costs, supply chain disruptions, and reluctance to deal with licensing bottlenecks, as well as the new records being set across the continent, especially in Europe, regarding the performance, efficiency, and scale of wind farms. The common factor in both is effective innovation and pioneering technology, which will be at the center of discussions.

nvisionist, which has consistently ranked among the top wind energy companies globally in recent years, could not miss this significant meeting for the industry’s global leadership. This year, nvisionist was recognized as one of the top ten scale-up companies in Europe by DIGITAL EUROPE.

For the past four years, nvisionist’s presence at the Wind Europe Technology Workshop has been consistent. In 2021, it presented nvbird®️ onshore, which stood out as one of the most valuable technological solutions of the year. In 2022, the presentation of nvbird®️ offshore followed, and in 2023, nvisionist introduced the pioneering nvbird®️ PaaS (Platform as a Service), providing the most complete and flexible service, equipment, and data analysis platform in one package for the first time worldwide, further maximizing the productivity of each wind farm.

This year, nvisionist will participate as a sponsor and with a booth, presenting its comprehensive work in advanced digital solutions, which it places at the service of the challenging task of protecting the environment and biodiversity. Additionally, on June 10, nvisionist will present its new innovative approach for advanced distance detection using a single high-resolution camera (monocular approach) instead of the two cameras used previously (stereo approach). This new algorithm calculates the distance and size of the bird more accurately, reducing the complexity of the bird deterrence and protection system by half and further increasing its effectiveness. This innovation brings revolutionary advantages for green wind energy, while simultaneously confirming the company’s extensive experience and expertise in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies to create cutting-edge products and services in the Renewable Energy sector, with sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles at the core.

nvisionist executives will also have the opportunity to present the company’s flagship product, the innovative nvbird®️ detection system, which has already won 18 innovation and technology awards globally and nationally. nvbird®️ is a pioneering, integrated solution that is at the forefront of global technology, offering significant environmental benefits and enhancing wind energy. It addresses the enhancement of wind farm efficiency and biodiversity protection. Specifically, it can accurately detect and monitor birds flying near wind turbines, which are at risk from the turbine blades while in operation. This is achieved through a system of specialized algorithms and sounds activated to initially deter the dangerous trajectory of the birds. If bird removal is not achieved, the turbines slow down their operation until the birds are safely removed.

To ensure the proper and safe operation of the installed nvbird®️ systems, special emphasis has been placed on cybersecurity and the development of an OPC client that exchanges information and commands at the turbine and wind farm level. Alongside the nvNOC (Network Operations Center), the proper functioning of nvbird®️ systems installed worldwide is monitored, currently receiving 135,000 measurements every 5 seconds. All the above ensure the flawless and safe operation of the results. From the beginning of the year until May, 55,373 events (Detections, Deterrences & Shutdowns) of birds approaching and preventing collisions with wind turbines equipped with nvbird®️ have been recorded.

The expertise and innovation embedded in nvbird®️ have established it globally as the most significant and effective solution in the renewable energy sector, demonstrating how information technology can help accelerate decarbonization and achieve zero emissions, while being a critical parameter for the development of wind farms internationally, increasing their efficiency and maximizing environmental and biodiversity protection.


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