nvisionist Sponsor of the CWW 2023 International Conference

Leading Greek start-up nvisionist is proud to announce its participation as an official Sponsor of the 7th CWW International Conference, which will take place from September 18-22, 2023 in Šibenik, Croatia. nvisionist supports the prominent conference for the wind energy and wildlife industry, where it will showcase its cutting-edge technology applied to its globally innovative products to provide sustainable and efficient wind energy solutions that respect and protect the environment and biodiversity.

The CWW Wind and Wildlife Conference is one of the largest and most important conferences internationally and is held every two years. It brings together researchers, scientists, practitioners and government officials from around the world to share their expertise and experiences and develop solutions to avoid and minimize the impacts of wind farms on wildlife, both onshore and offshore. This year’s CWW Conference is taking place in Croatia with the central theme “Upgrading Wind Energy with Respect for Nature” and for the first time is being held under the auspices of the European Parliament, which underlines its importance and scope. nvisionist will be there, participating as the only Greek company at CWW 2023 and a proud sponsor of the conference.

nvisionist, helping to shape the future of Wind Energy, will present its leading product, the revolutionary nvbird® bird detection and monitoring system, which has already been awarded two global innovation awards and eighteen (18) other distinctions and awards. nvbird®️ is a pioneering, integrated solution that is at the cutting edge of global technology with application in Wind Energy, significant environmental benefits and goodwill creation for wind farms, both onshore and offshore. Using Artificial Intelligence (“Artificial Intelligence”) and Machine Learning (“Machine Learning”) technologies, nvbird®️ prevents bird collisions with wind turbine blades, protecting the fauna of each region, while almost eliminating false stoppages of wind turbines, significantly optimizing their productivity. The expertise and innovation incorporated in nvbird®️ have established it globally as the most important and effective solution to accelerate de-lining and achieve zero emission, while at the same time it is a critical parameter for the development of Wind Farms worldwide, protecting the environment and biodiversity. The innovation it offers is constantly expanding, with its most recent application in civil and military airports.

Conference participants will have the opportunity to visit the booth of nvisionist, to get to know the capabilities of nvbird® and its contribution to the protection of fauna and the environment.



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