We are nvigilant

We support a holistic security strategy that aligns cybersecurity and physical security functions with technical and organizational priorities and business objectives.



nvisionist identifies all vulnerabilities in its customers’ information systems and determines the true extent of their exposure to cyber-attack risks.

All the methods and techniques are applied by our specialized security researchers not only utilizing the most advanced commercially available software of leading companies and the latest versions of known and lesser-known attack toolkits, but also utilizing tools developed by the Research and Development department of nvisionist with aimed at identifying and effectively addressing even hitherto unknown risks (zero-day attacks).

nvisionist offers its Red Team cyber-attack simulation penetration and security assessment, which will establish how well prepared is your organization to withstand a targeted adversarial attack.

Our team of security experts will deliver bespoke testing in line with your requirements and give you clear, actionable, recommendations. You can be confident that our testing methodologies and technologies are world class. During testing, the main focus will be on both the human and cyber elements of Information Security.


With a world class team of experts, who know how hackers think and act, we will work with you to make sure your data is protected.


We believe the future of security should be designed around the customer. Our aim is to deliver advanced, innovative solutions that you can trust, add value and are easy to use. Surveillance systems based on Video Analytics make it possible to make smarter business decisions, reduce costs and increase efficiency with a return on investment that can be measured through tangible business results. Video Analytics make video surveillance more relevant to you by adding sense and structure to video footage. This enables cameras to alert if there are threats the moment they happen. It also makes it possible to retrieve the right footage from hours of stored video instantly and analyse the scene so an operator can act faster and more efficiently to potential threats.

We help customers to protect people, property and assets, optimize processes to improve business efficiency. We also offer the possibility for any authorized person to remotely access live images over the network.


Physical security is not a one-off task; it is an ongoing practice. Threats are always evolving, and you need a business security partner who can adapt with you.

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