Strategic cooperation of nvisionist with CISCO, DELL and Fortinet

nvisionist announces its strategic partnership with DELL, CISCO and Fortinet, three leading and innovative companies in the digital technology industry. As part of the partnership, nvisionist will leverage the modern and specialized software and hardware solutions of the three leading companies in its unique digital applications, providing new and integrated technology solutions that offer the optimal trifecta of security, flexibility and scalability.

Through these partnerships, nvisionist will be able to offer a wider range of digital applications, including cloud computing, networking, cybersecurity and data management solutions. The partnerships will also provide nvisionist with access to new markets and customers and help the company expand its global presence.

“We are excited to announce the strategic partnership with CISCO, DELL and Fortinet,” said nvisionist’s Special Advisor, Mr. Vassilis Orfanos. “Through these important partnerships we are marrying our innovative technology solutions with the world-class hardware and software solutions of three industry leaders. At the same time, they are sure to help us offer the latest services and applications to our customers, giving them even greater added value,” Mr. Vassilis Orfanos emphasized.

About the nvisionist:

nvisionist is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that enable businesses to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve performance. The company offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions, including cloud computing, networking, cybersecurity and data management solutions.  At the same time, nvisionist through a dynamic course with a focus on research and development (R&D) and the creation of the most advanced digital technology solutions in wind energy and ICT has achieved rapid expansion in international markets and enhanced competitiveness. It is a unique international company that is also responding to the huge challenges of the energy market by investing in the future and digital technology with sustainability and sustainability (ESG) as a key driver and which is setting new standards on the global map of Wind Energy.

nvisionist is a member of WindEurope, ELETAEN (Hellenic Scientific Wind Energy Association), as well as a member of SEPE (Hellenic Association of Information and Communications Technology Enterprises), SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Industries) and HETiA.


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